Firefighter Knowledge Exercise: Carry Out The Pose: FDC Connect

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Firefighter Knowledge Exercise: Carry Out The Pose: FDC Connect

Firefighter Knowledge Exercise: Carry Out The Pose: FDC Connect

Not all fire division will encounter flame section contacts (FDC) within their impulse place For everyone divisions which happen to be cover residential district and cities, you will encounter all of them. FDCs are not only reserved for high-rise property. They are entirely on single-story big structures, low-rise buildings, and vehicle parking garages.

FDCs would be located on the outside the strengthening at a spot become easily accessible because of the fire division; this might be from the side entry of this strengthening. Some buildings have the FDC placed off the strengthening and standing alone like a pressure-reducing device by road. Whatever the area, these are typically designed to allow the fire section to produce h2o inside for indoors operations.


There’s two types of FDCs: threaded and storz. The storz sort should be one inlet of either 4, 5

or 6 inches, with regards to the build alone additionally the department’s standards with their regional building signal. Together with the storz are a sexless coupling, there’s no issue that will occur when hooking up excepting broken lugs regarding coupling or even the coupling not-being completely circular and notably oval, making it tough to hook up.

Problematic that may occur with the threaded FDC may be the seizing associated with the couplings regarding the FDC. Female couplings exist on every FDC and invite the male coupling become threaded into the FDC. With exposure to weather condition, soil, and corrosion, the couplings regarding the FDC can get up-and not be cost-free adequate to angle. At these times, a man bond are not connected.

One way to alleviate this issue is twist the hose in the face-to-face movement about five or six hours. This turning of the line allows the hose pipe to untwist for the right or clockwise way while at the same time letting the male coupling to-be threaded into the female coupling without spinning the female coupling.

Preplanning may also reduce this issue by examining to find out if the couplings twist easily or otherwise not. As long as they try not to, the house holder must be notified so that they can mend the problem.

Machines necessary: Two 2 ?-inch duration of tubes, spanner wrench, entry to an FDC

Aim: To practice securing the FDC by using the perspective way making use of the hose pipe


  1. Locate the FDC from the strengthening. Diagnose whatever FDC (thread or storz.)
  2. Remove the caps from the FDC.
  3. Seem inside the female coupling to spot any dirt or blockages around.
  4. If any rubbish or particles receive inside, make use of the spanner wrench to completely clean it.
  5. Just take one 2 ?-inch line and perspective it five to six days during the counterclockwise
  6. Starting with the kept 2 ?-inch women FDC coupling, make thread reference to the line for the FDC and untwist it heading clockwise on the right.
  7. As soon as the hose pipe has become threaded in to the coupling, make use of the spanner wrench to tighten up the coupling.
  8. Duplicate similar when it comes to more FDC coupling about right side.
  9. Use a piece of webbing or line to protect the two tubes along.


  1. Threaded FDC couplings can get and call for the hose pipe to be linked by twisting the hose pipe within the reverse course.
  2. Begin with the remaining FDC coupling to supply the space to untwist the hose pipe to the right for both FDC connections.

Tag van der Feyst has been in the fire solution since 1999 and it is a regular firefighter in Ontario, Canada. He could be an international trainer coaching in Canada, the United States, and Asia, and also at FDIC. Van der Feyst is actually an area amount suppression trainer when it comes to Pennsylvania State flame Academy. They are additionally the lead author of Residential flames save (flames technology courses & videos).

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