Mayale Strategy is a community of people committed to improving people and organizations. We invite you to join a robust and diverse network of trainers and learners who are dedicated to improving the Greater Public Good.

Currently, we offer two categories of membership: full and associate.

FULL MEMBERSHIP: to qualify as a full member of MS, organizations must:

  • Make enroll a minimum of 10 employees to Mayale Strategy training sessions.

  • Affirm that their core interest in joining MS is to improve the quality of its employees.

  • Be committed to working with other members to improve the quality of life in Africa, and,

  • Agree to abide by MS’s non-solicitation policy


ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: to qualify for associate membership, you must agree to abide by MS’s non-solicitation policy and fall into one of the following categories:

  • MS “Alumni” & Retirees (Individuals are eligible for 1 year after leaving member organization.

  • Advisors: Professionals who provide services in support of training and development as a majority of their business.

  • Academic Institutions: Universities, think tanks, and academic institutions that focus on the field of human capital development.

  • Government office focused on workforce development and/or public partnerships.

  • Nonprofit/leadership organizations.




African Countries




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Non Solicitation Policy

The meetings and activities of the Mayale Strategy are not to be used to solicit grants, to solicit for professional services, or to promote any products, services, or events. This ensures a comfortable, respectful atmosphere in which professional relationships can be maintained. Members or guests who violate this non-solicitation policy will be excluded from future MS events and may not qualify for membership renewal.