Pitaya vs. Acai: Which Superfruit Features Superior Dietary Pros (and Flavor)?

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Pitaya vs. Acai: Which Superfruit Features Superior Dietary Pros (and Flavor)?

Pitaya vs. Acai: Which Superfruit Features Superior Dietary Pros (and Flavor)?

In terms of food and nutrition, I’m usually fascinated to educate yourself on exactly how whatever you eat value you.

But weighing nutritional truth will get a bit more tricky when considering two exceedingly comparable foodstuff, like acai and pitaya. Both is fruit which have purported health benefits, but is one better than the other?

I put them toward examination to appreciate the difference in how they flavor, the way they influence our overall health in addition to individual advantages that each and every bring to the dining table.

Acai, a berry which hails from the Amazon, has become acknowledged for the health people for many years, and rose to traditional popularity whenever enterprises like Sambazon arrived onto the scene almost 20 years back.

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While acai grew to become a staple at fruit juice shops and wellness meals grocers, its less popular cousin, pitaya, is actually emerging in that exact same ways. Pitaya, or dragon fruit, is mainly developed in south usa, and is also respected because of its brilliant pink appearance in smoothies.

By themselves, both tend to be apparently rich in anti-oxidants, which can help yourself battle toxins and infection. Because of this, obtained already been touted as “superfoods.”

Since it happens, many companies that create smoothie packs with these fruit also add other materials to the blend, particularly glucose, which affect the vitamins and minerals and flavor. This has led to a current type of questioning with regards to eating juice and smoothies as healthier choices.

In addition to that, acai and pitaya have actually a similar—but maybe not identical—flavor description, but differ in many different ways.

Have a look at the outcome of this previous style test and nutritional research with two respected agencies.

This company ended up being the essential readily available at local grocers. A single smoothie package has 100 unhealthy calories and 13 grms of glucose per serving. The acai, however, demands two packets whenever mixed for a smoothie or pan, increasing the number of calories and sugar.

Acai had a negligible level of dietary fiber, under 1 gram, and about 4 g of excess fat. The smoothie bags contain some other elements besides acai berry, such as for instance natural cane glucose, organic soy lechitin and organic guarana extract—a seed based in the Amazon and useful stamina.

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The blend also incorporates 15 milligrams of sodium per serving, and has now 35 mg of Omega 3, 435 milligrams of Omega 6 and 2,130 mg of Omega 9. Omega-3s oils are notable for minimizing soreness, that’s from the root of a lot of chronic afflictions.

Combination with some banana and apple juices, and you’ve have a tasty handle. Picture: James Rodney

For the style test, the acai got sampled on its own, also it really doesn’t need any such thing included with it—perhaps considering the additional glucose and styles from people materials like guarana herb, that will be present in more acai smoothie packs.

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Whenever mixed approximately one half a banana and 1/4 cup fruit liquid, the consistency got slightly runnier than ideal, nevertheless the taste was still close. If you ask me, these acai smoothie packs need a little bit of a richer, nuttier flavor, with tips of cocoa, that work better to counterbalance the sweetness you will get from the good fresh fruit and fresh fruit juices put into the blend.


That was noted right-away about PitayaPlus is that they only consists of one component: dragon fresh fruit (pitaya) with seed.

With this taste test, we obtained PitayaPlus’ fresh fruit cubes because the smoothie packages weren’t offered, and in actual fact, located the good fresh fruit cubes to-be quite much easier to work with—you can miss the step of cutting inside synthetic smoothie packages, plus it saves on extreme presentation. Also worth noting: Pitaya had been some difficult locate within my local grocery stores compared to acai, it is no problem finding for sale online.

Unsurprisingly, the pitaya fresh fruit cubes independently is a bit bland when compared with the acai smoothie packages, as it is really exactly the plain fruits. Additionally keeps around 100 calories and 13 grams of glucose per serving.

PitayaPlus good fresh fruit cubes. Photograph: Due To PitayaPlus

In which pitaya seems to break away from acai is during supplement C, featuring 7percent per serving (when compared with 0percent in acai). Supplement C plays a role in from increasing the disease fighting capability to keeping skin appearing healthier.

Pitaya keeps 5 g of https://datingranking.net/pl/dabble-recenzja/ dietary fiber compared to 2 grams during the acai smoothie packs, 2 grms of healthy protein, and is also full of additional nutrients particularly iron (7 per cent) and magnesium (17 %). And though perhaps not noted on PitayaPlus’ health information, the fruit’s seeds will also be reportedly high in Omega-3 and Omega-9.

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Studies have furthermore examined just how pitaya helps you to manage blood sugar and control blood sugar levels, which has possible wellness ramifications for the people at risk for or that have diabetes.

Enjoying the brilliant pink shade from pulp and the feel the Pitaya seeds provide within this bowl. Image: James Rodney

Okay, now let’s talk about the taste test. Pitaya is often in comparison closely to kiwi in texture, and this demonstrated around as I blended it with half a banana and apple liquid, just as Used To Do together with the acai. Instantaneously, We noticed a thicker persistence with pitaya. The Flavor got just like sweet as (if not sweeter than) the acai.

Though it performed lack many complexity of the acai, the pitaya’s taste ended up being a good competition.

With all aspects regarded as, I would personally lean toward pitaya over acai simply according to the fact that the pitaya contained no additional glucose and failed to damage on tastes whenever ready in a smoothie or pan. Along with this example, the extra multivitamins and nutritional positive from inside the pitaya provided they the side over my choice for acai’s richer, nuttier tastes.

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