“Poor energy supply, greatest obstacle to business growth in Nigeria” – Mayale Chairman

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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020
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“Poor energy supply, greatest obstacle to business growth in Nigeria” – Mayale Chairman

Amid the ravaging effects of Coronavirus pandemic on the entire African continent, a Nigerian-born public policy expert and New York-based academic Dr. Uchenna Ekwo has identified epileptic power supply as the greatest obstacle to doing business in Nigeria.

Speaking at a virtual meeting of the board of directors of Mayale Strategy Nigeria Limited – an independent business organization focused on strategic communications, Dr. Ekwo decried other obstacles such as access to capital & credit, government regulations, corruption, and bribery.

Ekwo who is the Chairman of the board emphasized the timing of the new organization in the Nigerian corporate environment and the aspiration of the Mayale team to explore virgin areas of integrated marketing communication in the country.

Mayale Strategy, he said, understood the continuing conflict between the forces of tradition and transformation. Our diverse team of experts offers bold new ways of thinking about and responding to personal, professional, and strategic challenges of contemporary Nigerian environment.

In the words of Dr. Ekwo: “businesses unable to adapt to changes in environmental, social, and political conditions risk losing competitive advantage. Mayale Strategy helps business leaders in Nigeria understand the change process—what works, what doesn’t. We help individuals and organization leaders design and implement successful programs to shift culture. Mayale training programs help participants learn how to foster healthy, high-performing, profitable organizations that contribute to creating society by solving today’s complex challenges.”

Dr. Ekwo expressed the hope that Mayale Strategy would provide value-driven and innovative services to its clients as well as help to create a positive business culture in the country through effective partnership and collaboration with domestic and international experts and organizations.

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