Mayale Strategy understands that the world is desperate for authentic connections and that people want to be engaged and inspired by stories. We connect people with brands through emotional storytelling, culture, and purpose to create a lasting impact.

Mayale Solutions Dialogue

Mayale Solutions Dialogue (MSD) represents an unprecedented effort to help women in Nigeria to tell their stories and share experiences with audiences far beyond their neighborhoods. Only by telling their stories, making their voices heard, advocating their causes, and expressing their opinions can women become full participants in society.


We organize workshops, seminars, and conferences to provide opportunities for professional and personal development of individuals and organizations. Mayale understands “the first rule of life is also the first rule of business: adapt or die.” Whether it be a start-up company or a large organization, we can help to adapt through capacity building initiatives. Experience gained in corporate Nigeria since 2000 is used in seminars we host for different professionals and publication activities. We believe that services based on proficiency and qualifications are the pillars of success.

Providing impactful learning and networking opportunities:through our working and affinity groups, issue briefings, and brown bag lunches, our members gain the connections and information they need to develop informed and effective funding strategies. Over the past few years, discussions around our conference room table have sparked new initiatives and collaborations, including launching a group focused on building a virile society.

Marketing and Strategy

Success in businesses doesn’t happen by chance. Key results are achieved when effective strategies meet exceptional execution. We provide the best in marketing solutions: from print & digital design services, graphic design, to video production, to creative writing, to marketing strategy, our creative team brings your entire vision to life. Our marketing services combined with our strategic planning and design skills will help build your brand, messaging, and generate more customers through unique campaign management, especially social media campaigns.

Innovation and Research

Mayale’s Innovation and Research program represents an ambitious initiative that explores the causes and consequences of social inequalities in the African society in a much deeper and more comprehensive way than has been achieved before. We explore multiple forms of inequality (e.g.poor health, low educational achievement, exposure to crime, failure to access the labor market,poor social mobility), thereby developing cutting-edge analysis that could help policy makers understand how these different dimensions interact to affect life’s chances. Our research makes a broad contribution to policy making, practice, and service delivery.

My Daily Choice

Mayale belongs to a global team of the most successful entrepreneurs, marketers, and consultants committed to staying on the cutting edge of science and nutrition technology with life-changing products. We are affiliates of MyDailyChoice products ranging from the purest and most natural ingredients, to our world-class manufacturing facilities, to our unique formulations. If you decide to become an Affiliate, we have a roadmap in place to help you with your goals.

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