The 26-1 package is relatively an easy task to make, even more when you cannot thinking obtaining the interior speakers completely disconnected.

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The 26-1 package is relatively an easy task to make, even more when you cannot thinking obtaining the interior speakers completely disconnected.

The 26-1 package is relatively an easy task to make, even more when you cannot thinking obtaining the interior speakers completely disconnected.

The most basic build need i) A six pin amphenol socket, ii) a fuse owner with 5A fuse, iii) an electronics craft field or similar construction and iv) a single pole – single throw switch of your choice capable of handling line AC voltages. Just remember that , the 1 through 6 pin-out on the outlet will be reverse of this seen over. In order to prevent confusion matter pins 1 through 6 as above while watching the outlet through the back (the place you solder the wires from body organ).

Hooking a Leslie 147 to a system

Normally, you should drive the Leslie feedback away from one of several G-G Outputs and (AO-28 body) surface. Reportedly, you’ll be able to push the Leslie both G-G outputs for much more drive. (Either way, always place the Leslie burden resistor switch within the down position.)

Keep in mind that in an intact A-100, you can easily hook the Leslie to either the G-G output(s), or even the audio speaker stage outputs through the AO-39. Beware that there is a high-cut filter for the AO-39, therefore the sign towards Leslie are going to feel bass-heavy if given through the amplifier output.

For information about how to wire a primary Ensemble Echo change to switch between a Hammond build case (or 122-type Leslie) and and 147-type Leslie, read important Echo flipping For A100 With Leslie 147 .

This writeup got graciously offered by Harvey Olsen :

Electro tunes (and later CBS) would not render manufacturing plant sets to connect so-called “universal” or general-purpose Leslies to Hammond unit areas without inner speaker systems. This was done to secure Hammond sellers which, at that time comprise in charge of the majority of Leslie’s deals. Any sounds dealer could sell 147s also general-purpose Leslies, but just Hammond sellers marketed Hammond-type Leslies such as the 21H, 22H, and 122. But the 147 hookup is fairly simple and re­quires only minimal technical skills.

This hook-up is supposed for Hammond tonewheel units with

  1. Well-balanced (a.k.a. push-pull or G-G) outputs
  2. A self-powered preamp (with an electrical transformer and 6X5 or 6X4 rectifier tube)
  3. No built-in electricity amplifier and speakers

Excepting the ?D-100 collection (that is really a design ?RT-3 aided by the hardware from a PR-40 tone drawer installed within the body organ), Hammond console areas with built-in electricity amplifiers such as the A-100 show can drive 147-type Leslies right from the audio speaker outputs. In cases like this, one of several standard Leslie connector kits can be used and a custom hookup is not needed.

Included Hammond designs are: B2, B3, C2, C3, D-100 collection, RT-2, and RT-3. Early Hammond systems just like the A, BC, CV, D, RT, an such like. commonly self-powered and need DC (B+) from a Hammond build case or Hammond-type Leslie to drive the preamp. “Non-Hammond” Leslies don’t have any supply to supply this electricity but could be applied with early units if a separate DC source is actually offered.

Included Leslie models are: 31W, 44W, 45, 46W, 47, 47R, 145, 145A, 147, 147V, 147RV, 245, 247, 247RV, 147A, and 147A-T. (systems 25, 125, and 225 with power amps tend to be electrically Hollywood escort service suitable but don’t have actually rotary treble horns and tend to be not advised for gaming console areas.)

NOTICE: never rewire the organ’s inventory 5-pin build cupboard socket for 147-type Leslies or need a 5-to-6 pin Hammond cable tv for this purpose! Performing this could result in a serious electric danger. Universal-type Leslies require a different 6-pin outlet, which should become identified “147” or similar. Care users to not ever use this plug for Hammond build shelves or Hammond-type Leslies. If the organ can equipped with an 8000 or similar Hammond-type connector package, make certain that the indication feed are held separate through the 147 hookup. 147-type Leslie models do not have provision to isolate the DC controls voltage included in Hammond-type hookups.

For temporary need, you’ll be able to remove the six-pin connect from a six conductor Leslie cable and come up with here connections directly to the body organ’s preamp. But this kind of hook-up shouldn’t be used for lightweight or long lasting need. Installing the device should be neater and safer if the six-pin outlet is put in in the organ’s socket field.

Set the weight change in the Leslie power amp for the “open” situation. This completes the hook-up. If a 122-type “half-moon” switch is utilized, it will probably function backwards with 147-type Leslies. To correct the situation, merely rewire the change with the formerly untouched collection of terminals. (equivalent switches were used for both 122 and 147 type systems and possess two units of associates.)

If a Hammond tone case or second Leslie is part of installing the device, they must end up being “in state.” Two body organ speakers close collectively may have a noticeably uneven pedal responses if bass speakers include regarding period. Should this take place, push the signal relationship from pin 6 to the other “G” terminal.

147-type Leslies can be included with established Hammond-Leslie setting up with some safety measures. Discover a great amount of sign available nevertheless unit’s AC wires can feed power just for two tone shelves. If a 3rd audio speaker can be used, an electrical exchange is familiar with reduce the electrical load on body organ. In addition, living associated with the body organ’s “run” turn are prolonged if recent weight try lowered.

Universal-type Leslies should always be connected directly the body organ preamp. If the body organ features echo or other transmission switching, these need bypassed. Hammond units comprise frequently utilized only with external shelves with healthy inputs. You can devise a switching system for well-balanced and unbalanced in­puts nevertheless the circuit is more complex and beyond the scope of your project.

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